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Small Group Training is an awesome way to get fit, healthy, lean and strong while having fun & meeting new people. These sessions use the Powered UP Training System, which is a combination of the most effective periodization, strength, circuit, and interval training methods, and is suitable for every fitness level. Clients look forward to monthly assessments, diet coaching & discounted Transformation Challenges. whether you have 10 or 100lbs to lose, if you are cleared to exercise – you will enjoy these sessions.

SMALL GROUP TRAINING Specials, Details & More


In Studio Personal Training is all about achieving YOUR health and fitness goals, needs, preferences and training times. These packages begin with a comprehensive Transformation Session that measures your scale weight, body composition, fitness level, including movement assessments – we also design goals for each phase and remain focused to achieve these.
The Meltdown Signature System INCLUDES a detailed Weight Loss Diet System & Education Program.

PERSONAL TRAINING Specials, Details & More


Online Personal Training is perfect for those that want our style & dedication, have access to even minimal training equipment and appreciate professional structure, accountability & results.
These are customized programs that allow me to use over 30 years of experience. I can therefore, work with both men and women towards achieving weight loss to bodybuilding goals and look forward to reading the variety between your Online Training Application.


Are you ready to see amazing results?

If you’d like to experience the difference Powered UP Systems can make, are in a position and ready for a professionally coached, systemized, and proven program that can get the results you’ve always wanted – then let’s sit down and create a plan of action!

Before we can work together, we need to establish some very important details… this will improve your experience, success and our ability to initiate a customized, results-oriented program from the start.

  •  Let’s set some BIG goals for us to work towards (3, 6, 9, 12-Months)
  •  Let’s identify your starting point (in order to show your success, we have to establish where you are right now)
  •  Let’s complete a Movement Screening Assessment to optimize your training (if we can address weak, tight muscle groups then we can get you feeling and moving better – faster!)
  •  Let’s watch our 4-Key Success System Presentation (This short presentation will explain our 4-Key system and will help you understand the food and exercise methods required for success)
  •  Let me give you a complete 12-Week Energy System Development Program (implementing this customized “side” program will help to turn your body into a Fat Burning Machine!)

=Value $147

Once we’ve created your perfect package, you will also have immediate access to:
* 10-Day Mind & Body Detox Program (Everything you’ll need (with meal plan, shopping list and more) to kickstart your MELTDOWN system)
* Access to our Private Active Client Facebook Group (for more tips, ideas, Q&A, challenges, motivation, and support)
* Your Customized Training Plan (Of course we’ll have detailed training plan that is specific to your needs, goals, and fitness level)