Although this article is going out to those already exercising, but haven’t managed to clean up their diet to the point of seeing “amazing success” on a consistent basis – imagine how much it could also apply to someone that hasn’t started exercising, yet!

Working out is undoubtedly a wonderful way to get in shape and improve your health. There is no better feeling than finishing an intense workout and feeling that high that carries you through the day. You feel strong, lean, and mean! ūüôā However, it is frustrating when you are working out like a beast and you still aren’t seeing the equivalent in results! You are sculpting some awesome muscles but you can’t even show them off because there’s still a layer of fat covering them!

Before you begin to second doubt the value of exercise, it’s time to reconsider your diet. For some people “dieting” isn’t a struggle, but for others, it can be like pulling teeth. Food is just so delightful and the most delightfully comforting foods are typically the exact opposite¬†of what you need for weight loss. The worst thing is that no matter how much more dedicated you are at putting in a really good workout regimen, you won’t see success unless you watch what you eat. There are simple reasons for this.

The fundamental principle of weight loss is that you have to burn more calories than you consume and unfortunately, consuming 500 calories is SO very easy compared to the time and effort you have to invest to try and burn the same 500 calories through exercise.

By examining how many calories you’re eating and drinking throughout the day, in comparison to what you are burning through exercise – minus what your body actually needs to exist helps you to identify where you are in regards to achieving your goals. For most that I work with, the goal is weight loss, but perhaps you are trying to gain weight without gaining fat rolls, then this math applies as well to you. While there are “safe numbers” that we use to generalize what a healthy body at a particular weight needs, it’s good to know YOUR numbers. If you aren’t sure how to reach this number,¬†contact me – I would be happy to help you.

The fact is that those calories “IN” add up very quickly and if you don’t pay close attention to what you put in your mouth – you could easily be negating the weight loss effect of hours exercising, many times per week.

Don’t Sabotage Your Workouts with Poor Nutrition

If you don’t watch what you consume, then your dietary mistakes could easily sabotage all the progress you make through your efforts in the gym and prevent you from achieving your training and fitness goals. That’s why it’s so important to develop a healthy and nutritious diet that suits your needs and unique metabolism.


  • Working Out Takes Energy

A poor diet will suck the energy right out of you, plain and simple. How do you feel when you’ve pigged out on a chili cheese dog with fries? Are you ready to tackle a 30-minute intense workout? Doubtfully. In order to maintain a good fitness schedule, your body needs essential nutrients for the energy required to complete a workout and for post-workout recovery and muscle growth.

You need your vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, healthy carbs, and well-balanced insulin levels. Junk foods and sugary goodies will not deliver this. Therefore, understand that it is virtually impossible to stick with effective workouts while your diet is off balance. You will not have the energy nor the motivation to get through these workouts. Not only that but without the right diet, you even risk injuring yourself trying to complete your workouts.


  • Effect of bad diet
    • A bad diet will not help you see results from your workouts and will even undermine your motivation.
    • Your energy levels will be morbidly low, so you will feel like your arms weigh a ton and your legs are like elephant trunks.
    • Overall, your body will not feel like its running at optimal health. Why bother working out so well, when you ruin it by not keeping in check what you put into your mouth?

This doesn’t mean you can’t eat things you enjoy. In fact, an occasional cheat meal helps curb crazy cravings and trick your body into burning more calories but the key word here is occasional.

Watch what you eat, include a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbs in each meal. Avoid refined sugars and saturated fats and make sure to drink plenty of pure H2O. You will see a difference guaranteed.


  • Before you make your diet routine

For you to effectively map out your nutritional needs, it’s important to first analyze your present situation and what your goals are. If you are an amateur bodybuilder or “weekend warrior” then you probably don’t need to monitor your meals as closely as a professional, especially those that are preparing for a competition. It’s also important to consider your lifestyle because time constraints can also play a role in how you go about meeting your nutritional needs. For example, students and adults with busy schedules may find that they need to supplement their diet with convenient yet high-quality sources of nutrition, like protein bars or meal replacement shakes.


  • Basics of a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

The most important step for everyone,¬†specifically women in developing diet routine is to determine how many calories you need to reach your goals. For example, if you are trying to gain weight, then you need to plan on taking in at least 250 to 500 more calories than what your maintenance level is. Your maintenance level is simply the number of calories at which you neither gain nor lose weight. On the other hand, if you’re trying to lose weight, then you need to reduce your intake by 250 to 500 calories (daily). Once you figure out how many calories you should be consuming, you’ll want to divide the total across two to five meals and snacks throughout the day.


  • What to Eat

The first thing I want to state in regards to what you eat is that you must stay away from alcohol. This is because alcohol is filled with “empty” carbs which will completely mess up any chance you have of getting the body you want irrespective of the exercise you engage in. I also recommended avoiding fruit juices. They are just too high in sugar calories for the amount of nutrients they provide. While you are watching the things you drink, make sure you don’t get dehydrated – your body’s hydration levels play a very important role when trying to burn off excess body fat! It is simply impossible for your body to burn fat without sufficient water – it’s just a part of the formula.


  • Common Food Myths

If you’re new to eating a clean diet alongside your workout, you might think that you need to just completely avoid carbohydrates and fats. These are actually vital to your success because carbohydrates help to fuel muscle growth by replenishing glycogen stores that are depleted during workouts. Without carbohydrates, your body simply wouldn’t have the energy to rebuild your muscles. Likewise, healthy fats are just as important because they improve your health at a cellular level, they help to maintain hormone levels, increase metabolism and boost energy. Just be sure that your carbohydrates and fats are from natural foods.


  • Benefits of a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Less than three weeks is all you need to experience the benefit of a healthy diet and exercise. In fifteen days, women can achieve a rapid weight loss. Would you be astounded to know that you may be carrying around 20 pounds of junk inside your colon? Old fecal matter could be stuck there, along with environmental toxins and chemicals – all of which can be purged by eating a healthy diet with your exercise routine. You will feel lighter, smaller, and filled with energy by avoiding junk foods and consuming natural foods. Can you imagine how good you will feel without that toxic weight holding you back? I am absolutely NOT saying that you need to do any more than eat a healthy diet and exercise to fix this – your body will regulate itself, once you initiate healthier habits.

If you stick to a healthy diet, you’ll enjoy many benefits. For one, you will stay energized all day long. You’ll also experience fewer cravings and your body fat levels will drop, which helps to significantly reduce your risk of many deadly conditions such heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Looking younger and more energetic is another, often unexpected outcome of a healthy diet and exercise. Another benefit is clearer skin, eyes that are brighter and hair that is stronger. If you have blemishes or acne that has been caused by internal toxins, then a healthy diet will do the work of detoxification.¬† You can help your body accomplish this by sweeping out the stored toxins, chemical, and accumulated waste in your body by consuming healthy food. While these effects are natural and “what the body does“for you – none of these are possible while your diet is still at a “poor” level, simply because it’s so busy trying to manage the inflammation and toxins – that there’s simply no time or opportunity to help you “feel good”.


If you are looking for help determining what your body needs and desires in regards to nutrition and are looking for the most effective training methods (one without the other is only half the battle, right?) – I have programs to help! Give me a call or use my contact form… I would love to help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals!

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