Although this article is going out to those already exercising, but haven’t managed to clean up their diet to the point of seeing “amazing success” on a consistent basis – imagine how much it could also apply to someone that hasn’t started exercising, yet! Working out is undoubtedly a wonderful way to get in shape […]

When attempting to achieve the goals we set out to accomplish, including weight loss – it often eludes us that our mindset is responsible for our success, or lack thereof. Everything we want to achieve begins with the power of thought, and we need to understand that our types of thoughts are extremely important. Building a mindset that […]

Have you once lost weight, but it somehow managed to find it’s way back? 🙂 That’s too common. While there could be a number of reasons why people lose weight… typically this is what the cycle looks like. When it comes to keeping it off, there are a few factors I have found to be […]