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A Detailed Done-For-You Package!

Weekly Meal Plan Templates with Broken Down and Detailed Shopping Lists, and of course Our Professionally Coached and Designed Workouts, which are Made Right for Each Individual in 15 Session Opportunities Each Week to Make It ALL Easy & Convenient for You!

Enjoy Clean, Professional Mobile Friendly Software Features!

Whether you're cooking dinner using the recipe guide on your phone in the kitchen or sitting on the couch to watch or read the week's material everything is clear & available on either your computer or mobile device!

Detailed Assessments!

Let's find out exactly what you're losing and where and then develop a plan to keep achieving success every single month.

Empowering Weekly Education!

Yep. Learn Exactly Why Our Systems Work. Plus, every week you'll receive a new set of short videos and material that will help take your transformation beyond just the diet and exercise today. There is more to "lasting success" and that's what we want for your Kickstart.

Dedicated Support!

Join our active MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group! All of our ladies have gone through this or similar programs and will gladly offer experience, guidance, and assistance - just as your coach is 100% dedicated to your success!

Take advantage of our Rewards System even Before Day 1!

There are so many ways to gain MELTDOWN Points and each one is tied to an action that will also help you achieve even better results!

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Every workout focuses on a different area (upper, lower, core, cardio) and Mark mixes it up with different exercises. It's a fun atmosphere with the other ladies and not intimidating at all. I'm overweight, haven't exercised in a good while but these are things we can all do. You do what level you can do... no judgement. I can really feel a difference in how I feel... and know this is how I'll reach my goals this year! Try it out... you'll love it!" -Traci M.

"I'm on my last week of the 21-Day Kickstart and I'm hooked!"

I have found a place that makes me feel welcomed, supported, empowered, challenged, and ready to make changes! Mark is dedicated, informed, passionate and committed to helping me get to a better me. I would recommend this program to anyone with serious health goals. -Pam J.

"Awesome Results!"

I have tried to get back in shape and shed weight for years and I just couldn’t find the right solution or motivation. I stumbled across Mark and The Meltdown Transformation Studio in February 2019. He has a no fail program if you “just try”. The meals (are full of flavor), workouts (results driven) and community of (caring) people are beyond a blessing to me. These last 3-4 months have been sheer joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" -Christy T.

"This has been the most supportive & effective place I’ve ever seen!"

I've always been on the search for a place where you can feel they really understand how you feel in regards to trying to lose weight and the process of slowly and gradually changing habits, while still feeling motivated. I finally found this place 9 months ago and it's called "The Meltdown Studio." Mark, the owner and trainer, is very knowledgeable about fitness and motivation. You can come to the studio every day and expect different routines and creative ways to motivate us, the studio members! -Rosa D.

"You will not regret joining The Meltdown Studio!"

"I have already seen so many changes and I know it's just the beginning."

As a mother and full time employee, I had an extremely hard time staying motivated and making myself workout. It has honestly been the best and a life changing experience. In the past, I tried going to the gym on my own and eating healthier but nothing stuck. However, at Meltdown Transformation Mark pushes and encourages you to push beyond what you think your capable of thru a series of circuit training/weight lifting and provides you with online learning and a diet plan that's easy to follow. I look forward to my morning workouts Mon- Fri. If you are looking to lose weight or simply get in shape, I HIGHLY recommend Mark Valenti. I promise you won't go wrong!!! -Tashana L.

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