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Have you once lost weight, but it somehow managed to find it’s way back? ūüôā That’s too common. While there could be a number of reasons why people lose weight… typically this is what the cycle looks like.
When it comes to keeping it off, there are a few factors I have found to be helpful.
1) Understanding what caused the weight gain
Yeah, you weren’t focused on your diet. Yeah, you ate a lot of sugary foods, bread, pasta. Yeah, you were a couch potato – whatever IT was. But, do you understand what those did inside of your body to cause the weight gain? Do you know some basic nutrition & physiological facts that can cause an “aha” moment? Understanding your nutrition and your body can make a great difference in regards to changing habits.
2) Assessments
When you step on the scale, even if you have one of those that can determine body fat based on an electrical current shot through your body – do you understand what that means? If you look at your body composition BEFORE and DURING your weight loss efforts, you’ll notice that changes occur in body fat and lean body mass that result in how you’re losing inches too. If you are losing lean mass, your body is “catabolic” and is actually consuming your muscle tissue for energy while your body fat just kind of “sits pretty” – that’s not a good place, but a very common place. You want to be able to identify that your efforts are actually reducing the amount of fat on your body – IT is what causes so much havoc and since FAT has up to 4 times more volume than muscle, making sure you’re losing fat can make a significant difference in your appearance and clothing too. That’s much more favorable, right?
3) Eating the right foods
Sometimes learning to eat a healthy, low-calorie diet can be quite a learning curve. Trust me, in working with people focused on this goal for the past ten year, I know that it can take weeks and more likely even months before enough changes “stick” to where a person really understand how a complete weight loss diet should look – that is effective, healthy, and not going to kill your metabolism.
4) Your body’s systems are functioning properly

As an example… if you’ve NOT been exercising in a while and even if you are, but are not doing it “right”, you aren’t gaining the full benefits of a body who’s systems are functioning at high efficiency. Those include the musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, integumentary system, urinary system, lymphatic system, immune system, respiratory system, nervous system and reproductive system. These are all related to one another and factors that a good coach has to take into consideration when designing a plan that’s right for you.


It finally hit me actually, after 10 years… that I had to create and systemize a program that provided effective meal plans to show you what a good & healthy eating, with a weight loss focus really looks like. I had to offer regular assessments to show you how body composition is changing, of course, provide an effective training routine that is going to emphasize your body’s systems but also offers¬†an education program that is related to everything you’re experiencing, which solidifies the transformation.


All of this doesn’t happen overnight, but if you’re invested for 12-weeks – are learning, doing and being focused – the changes that occur will drive you to continue – I’m 100% certain.


So, if you then continue after the 12-weeks, using the diet system you’ve been given, or tweak them based on the topics that reveal the methodology behind all of the successful or unsuccessful diet types – you may even come up with something completely new and different, because you know what works for your body, and why it worked! You will continue exercising because by now you not only enjoy what it has done for you, ¬†but you also understand how to maximize your efforts. Do you see the shift I’m prophesying? By not only doing it all with you and for you, but also explaining the detailed “why &¬†how” you are in a different place and WE are working on a new level too.

These are the thoughts and details that went into creating THE 12-Week MELTDOWN System.

To not only change your body but to change your mind and understanding, so that weight loss will never ever be a thing you’re spending time thinking about again.

If you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to check out my free¬†eguide¬†that emphasizes ways you can restart your systems, which will have you looking and feeling younger in as soon as ten days.

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