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INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL TRAINING is the perfect way to invest focused effort to achieve your personal goals, as fast as possible.

There is no set schedule for personal training clients as we meet when it works for you best – if it’s also possible for me.

All Individual Personal Training clients begin with what we call a “Transformation Session“, which essentially is where we identify your current situation – body fat, movement abilities, weaknesses, past injuries, goals and desires, schedule, discuss nutrition and so much more. Beyond this, we have several options. If all you desire is the training and some diet coaching – that’s straight forward and easy – we offer a 2 day per week and a 3 day per week option. If you want more, The Meltdown System is the most complete weight loss system you’ll experience and will ever need.

In the past decade of working with clients, I’ve noticed a common missing factor… that being an effective weight loss diet system. Even though I teach nutrition, take regular assessments and can identify what needs to change for optimal results, the translation to the client has typically taken several weeks to months, which is lost time. Not only has the client not achieved the potential results that I know they wanted, but I’ve missed the opportunity radically transform their life as well.

Therefore, I’ve created what is simply called my “signature system“ for now and is 10 years in the making 🙂

Single Session
1 Personal Training Session


2 Sessions per Week


Month / 3-months
3 Sessions per Week


Month / 3-months
3 Sessions per Week


12-Week Program
Therefore, I’ve created what is simply called my “signature system“ for now and is 10 years in the making 🙂

In this system, which starts right after the Transformation Session – you’ll receive our 10-Day Detox, which comes complete with an example Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes, Guide and blank templates for continued use. After the detox is complete we’ll put you on our tried and true weight loss system, where every week you’ll receive a new Meal Plan & Shopping List. All the recipes are quick, delicious and easy to make. Your whole family will love these actually and by sticking with this plan, you will quickly notice the difference – internally and externally! More energy, more focus, less inches, less bloating, less weight… are just a few of the main changes you’ll experience.

So, with nutrition checked off, we can continue to the primary part of the program that will help you shed excess body fat and really get you looking and feeling the way you want to. The exercise. This signature system comes with 3 sessions per week. Each session lasts approximately 30-minutes and is designed with you, your abilities, and your goals in mind. Let my experience help you learn to enjoy exercising safely and effectively. I don’t waste time with movements that aren’t effective and I never use movements that pose a risk to your long term health.

Lastly, education. During the 12-Weeks of this program, you’re going to receive weekly “homework“ from the design of our Powered UP University on an important subject I’ve written related to your health and wellness. It could be on the understanding the macronutrients, how to improve all of your energy systems, why using a self-myofascial release system will improve your results and make you feel better, it could be on understanding cellular hydration will ensure your body is actually able to do what we would like it to or just explaining why obtaining the proper amount of natural fiber in your diet is crucial to your health.

After your 12-weeks in this system, you will have dropped up to 30 pounds of fat or more, learned so much about your body and built up crazy strength and conditioning. You will have learned all the aspects related to your health, body, wellness and requirements for success that I have designed a special discounted continuation program – because I know the way we work together from this point forward is on a completely different level and things like your diet is so dialed in that we take assessments to test new things you’re trying and less to identify how much fat you’ve lost.

I hope I’ve explained this in a way that’s understandable – but once you’ve completed the signature system – your understanding of food, exercise, your body, and your health will be so much further than it is now and you’ll have made a huge difference in your body composition, fitness, conditioning, and strength – that I would even trust you to work with other clients, to be honest.

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