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This is actually My Story…

Alright, I’ll start with information most will likely want to know, when doing research for their potential trainer 🙂

I have been incorporated and certified with the American Council on Exercise since 2009. I have been helping people lose weight, understand nutrition, and achieve inspiring body transformations since 2007. I have actually been in the health & fitness industry – reading, learning, doing – since about 1979. So, I have seen quite a few things related to exercise and nutrition come and go.

We moved into our current facility in September 2016 and unless something drastic happens and God willing, I don’t anticipate us moving ANYMORE! This is our 3rd location. I believe it’s perfect and am investing into making a mark in Douglas County now. I know that there are several “big box gyms”, personal training and Crossfit studios in town, and for this reason we’ve niched down – to let everyone know that we no longer cater to everyone and their variety of needs – but are specialists in helping women lose weight, get fit, healthy, sexy and strong.

In 1980 I moved from San Jose, California to Falconer, New York and in 1981 I move to Frankfurt, Germany to live with my mother. I did a year at the International School there and then completed my education at a German school. After graduation, I completed 1-year business school before joining the U.S. Army. I completed basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and my AIT at Fort Eustis, Virginia to become a Transportation Coordinator. The Army sent me right back to Germany. I took a Europen out after serving in Desert Storm and the two boys you see there are mine… they’re grown now and actually still live in Frankfurt. I hardly see them enough and it will probably be a few more years before they become less busy and think about their old dad again… if you’re a parent, you know what I mean 🙂

We’ve been living in Douglasville since 2001 and this whole personal training part actually starts several years after moving from Pennsylvania to Georgia. You see, I got saved in 2006 – by no real interest or desire of my own, I have to add. My family had been attending the Church at Chapel Hill for about a year and I was fine with that – using the time alone to focus on myself. However, one of the other churches in town had started going door to door in our neighborhood… I didn’t have a problem with this either. Oftentimes, kids would come up to the door and within their first 10 words, they would tell me I would be going to Hell. My usual response was “thank you” and wished them a good day. One of these times, actually it was the very last time I had seen this church group in our neighborhood ever again – an old man didn’t bother with anything but asked if he could pray for me… my thoughts were – if it will make you leave any sooner – and I said “alright”. He asked me to follow along with him and when he completed his prayer, he simply wished me a good day. I closed the door feeling different. Honestly, I could sense that something wasn’t as it was before. I started joining my wife at church and became “on fire” for Jesus! I had never gone to any churches before, was never interested – but I couldn’t get enough now. About 6 months into going to church our pastor was asking for small group leaders and after a few weeks of “thinking about it”, we created the “Powered UP – Transformers” – a 12-week small group that assisted people through a body transformation with weekly weigh-ins, a nutrition or exercise topic and prayer. We continued this small group for 3 years straight! It was super successful and I have a full binder full of testimonials. After our second year, I thought I could help people that aren’t in our church – but need this information. Too many people are dying and suffering from diseases related to poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle! My passion has always been to help people understand that changes in these areas can not only keep them get healthy and potentially extend their lives by many years – but that they can seriously enhance the quality of their lives as well. Our bodies are temples and should honor the one who created it. If you just want to lose weight and not become diabetic, that is fine too 🙂 …I just wanted to share where my passion comes from.

More to come…